the world's single largest miner and supplier of the rare and precious gemstone tanzanite

TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd are able to support and influence the entire tanzanite value chain, from mine to market – thanks to our unique position as the globe’s leading miners of tanzanite, advanced onsite faceting and polishing facilities, and our distribution partnerships with prestigious international gem and jewelry companies.

Photo Credits : Deborah Yonick 

Photo Credits : Deborah Yonick 

The success of TanzaniteOne rests on a foundation
with three crucial components:

Responsible Sourcing  

TanzaniteOne strives to ensure that tanzanite’s journey from mine to market is carried out with integrity and due consideration for our workers, their families and the people and environment of Tanzania. Our tanzanite mining operations strictly follow established labor laws. We are zero-tolerance on the use of child labor or violence, and take every effort to minimize our environmental impact.

Industry Leadership

TanzaniteOne owns the license to mine Block C, the world's largest commercial mining facility for tanzanite. Our state-of-the-art operation produces a consistent, cost-effective, and high-quality supply of rough tanzanite – using the most advanced methods.

Extensive Range & Consistent Supply

From large and prominent pieces of exceptional rarity, to parcels containing hundreds of pieces of calibrated rough crystals, TanzaniteOne is the only producer able to ensure a consistent supply of rough tanzanite to the manufacturing and jewelry sector, in all grades and desired quantities.