The Tanzanite Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by TanzaniteOne in 2003.

A percentage of all gemstone sales by TanzaniteOne is used to support the Foundation’s activities.

Tanzanite Foundation Project
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The  Tanzanite Foundation works in two key areas :

Community Support: TanzaniteOne Mining carries out the bulk of their community work through the Tanzanite Foundation, who facilitate and fundraise internationally to help support meaningful and sustainable projects developed in harmony with the indigenous communities of Tanzania. 

Tanzanite Education and Promotion: The Tanzanite Foundation is also dedicated to educating consumers on behalf of all ethical and socially responsible operators within the tanzanite industry, making sure that businesses and individual consumers are aware of this relatively new gemstone and its attributes. Tanzanite Foundation Members and Endorsed Stockists are welcome to request promotional services and support from the Tanzanite Foundation. These can include providing sales and marketing collateral; helping to organize Tanzanite staff training or promotional assistance.

The basis for the Foundation is the principle based on the belief that through stimulating demand for tanzanite, sustaining the industry’s economic viability and (most importantly) channeling revenues back up the value chain to the source, both Tanzanian communities and the country’s economy, will derive significant benefit. 

To find out more, please visit the Tanzanite Foundation website at