TanzaniteOne is committed to responsible corporate citizenship, ensuring that its business makes a meaningful and sustainable difference to the environment and to the communities in which it operates.

TanzaniteOne is proud to be an  active participant in the local communities in which it operates . We are involved in number of projects which encompass community development,  water supplies to communities and schools, equipping, building and refurbishment of schools, sponsorship of students through bursary programs and involvement in community health programs and facilities.

TanzaniteOne often carries out its community projects and fundraising in cooperation with the Tanzanite Foundation - the companies non profit arm. 



As a result of local geology, water in the area surrounding the mine is high in fluoride, an excess of which can damage bone and tooth formation. Local children suffer especially strongly from this problem, as their limbs often become twisted due to improper bone growth caused by high fluoride concentration in the water. TanzaniteOne has installed a reverse osmosis plant, which removes the harmful fluoride from the water. 

The water, supplied from a well drilled by TanzaniteOne in 2012, can now be pumped into the surrounding local community on a regular basis: up to 30,000 liters per day. TanzaniteOne fully sponsored this project, donating 60 million Tanzanian shillings.


TanzaniteOne provided over 70% of the funds required to build the Naisinayai Police Station, donating over 55 million Tanzanian shillings to the project. Manyara Regional Commissioner, Hon Elaston Mbwilo commended the mining firm for its commitment towards assisting local communities in the region, who will no longer have to travel to neighboring districts for police services. We also assist the police with equipment for the local station to help improve security in the local community.


At the TanzaniteOne plant, tanzanite is sorted for further processing. The mechanical sorting machine only selects pieces of tanzanite above a certain size and weight – but debris left after mechanical sorting has proven to contain valuable high-grade tanzanite. It is bagged up by TanzaniteOne and donated to local community groups, who meticulously sort the contents by hand and sell the tanzanite. 


Wells drilled and maintained by TanzaniteOne provide access to fresh water supply to almost 5,000 heads of cattle and 2,000 villagers. In this relatively dry agricultural part of Tanzania, fresh water is a scarce and crucial resource, and cattle are the livelihood of communities. TanzaniteOne has already invested 45 million Tanzanian shillings (USD 20,000) in the project, and continues to oversee the water supply’s maintenance.


In 2013, TanzaniteOne was awarded several Presidential Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility and Empowerment (CSRET) for Tanzania. The company took first place in two categories: Water and Empowerment, and came second in the Education and Employment categories. TanzaniteOne also won an overall second place in the Medium Scale Mineral Projects Category.