About TanzaniteOne

TanzaniteOne Mining Limited extracts, produces, and supplies rough tanzanite.  We also produce fine cut and polished tanzanite.  

We own the mining license for Block C, which makes up a significant portion of the only known tanzanite deposit, located in the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa. We also own extensive prospecting licenses for potential mining areas adjacent to the block.

Our state of the art tanzanite processing facility maximizes the recovery of tanzanite and consistently produces a high-quality supply of tanzanite. TanzaniteOne is committed to ensuring a minimal environmental impact and a positive social impact..

TanzaniteOne operates in three key areas :

  • Mining:  extracting rough tanzanite.

  • Marketing: sale of rough tanzanite.

  • Cutting/Polishing: production of fine cut and polished tanzanite

TanzaniteOne employs over 650 staff members in a variety of positions above and below ground: geologists, human resource officers, chefs, nurses, and accountants, and more. 

tanzaniteone tanzanite

Guaranteed provenance and authenticity

  • Provenance and ethical sourcing is increasingly important to socially conscious consumers. Tanzanite from TanzaniteOne is mined complying with all Tanzanian laws – ensuring worker benefits and safety, environmental impact is minimal and that all stakeholders benefit from Tanzania’s national treasure.

A responsible journey to market

  • From mine to market, each step of our tanzanite’s journey is rigorously monitored to guarantee the most ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally-friendly operating standards possible. Our customers can have total confidence that their gemstones have followed a responsible journey all the way from our mines to their hands.